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Oprichting Disc Devils Twente

De Drienerlose Frisbee Vereniging Disc Devils Twente is in 1990 opgericht door studenten van de Universiteit Twente. De tak van frisbee die door de leden het meest beoefend wordt, is de unieke teamsport Ultimate Frisbee. The association has since grown into a broader association, with many other youth and adult members in addition to students.

Playing level

The level of our players varies from recreational to top level. Many members of the association participate in the Dutch Frisbee competition. Some players have even participated in European and World Championships.

Training locations

We are located in Enschede, but currently do not have our own field and canteen. Most training sessions take place outside on a field of Zuid Eschmarke. In winter, the Friday training of the adults is in the Diekmanhal and the youngest youths train in the Helmerhoek gym. For current locations, see here (youth) or here (adults).

Hosting tournaments Devils' Heaven and City Leage

Every year we organize the an Open Indoor tournament: Devils' Heaven. Top teams from the Netherlands and abroad participate in this event. In addition, we have been organizing the City League for several years to promote our sport. This is a beginners tournament in which everyone (including people who are not yet familiar with the frisbee sport) can participate.

Everyone is welcome

We welcome everyone. Would you like to try out the sport? Sign up HERE for a free training!

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