What is Ultimate Frisbee?


Ultimate Frisbee is an intensive and dynamic sport in which two teams compete against each other. In that respect it is comparable to other team sports, such as basketball and football. The largest difference is that it is played with a frisbee disc rather than a ball.

Playing field and goal

Ultimate Frisbee is played by two teams of (usually) seven players on a large rectangular field. An “end zone” (scoring box) is marked at both ends of the field. The team that catches the disc in the opposing team's end zone scores a point.

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Basic rules

At the start of each point, both teams line up in their end zone. One of the teams is offensive (offense), and the other team is defensive (defense). The attacking side gets the disc thrown (the pull). From that moment on, everyone can move freely over the entire field. Only the person holding the disc is not allowed to walk, and has ten seconds to pass the disc to a free-running fellow player. The defending team tries to intercept these throws. If they succeed, they become the attacking side (turnover). If the disc falls to the ground inside or outside the field, it is also the opponent who gets the disc, so implying a turnover. A point is scored when a player catches the frisbee in the opponent's "end zone".


The winner is the team that is the first to score seventeen points (with a difference of at least two). On average, a match lasts an hour and a half. Sometimes there is a time limit. In that case, a team can win by either being the first to reach seventeen points (with <two points lead) or by having the highest score at the end of the time slot.

Spirit of the Game

The Spirit of the Game is essential in Ultimate Frisbee. There are no referees, meaning that the responsibility for proper play lies with the players themselves. All players are expected to be aware of the rules, comply with them, hold each other accountable for violations and, above all, show each other respect. To encourage this, each competition has a spirit winner in addition to a regular winner.

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