City League

  1. Disc Devils Twente is organizing another City League this year. City League is the opportunity to get to know Ultimate Frisbee and have a lot of fun with (new) friends and/or family.

Practical information:
Wanneer: woensdag 22 en 29 Mei 2024.
Start: every Wednesday evening at 7:00 PM.
Locatie: E.V. en A.C. De Tubanters 1897 Veld 1, Olympialaan 20, 7541 BK Enschede
Cost: Gratis!

Je kunt de komende woensdagen nog steeds bij ons terecht!

Form to sign up: Registration City League 2024

City League is for everyone. It was created to introduce people to Ultimate Frisbee and to have fun while doing it.
If you still have questions, please let us know by email.

Click here or check out here for an explanation of Ultimate Frisbee

It is possible to register as a team (minimum 5 players), as an individual or as a group. Anyone can do this. Your team can consist of your friends, colleagues, but also, for example, family or other acquaintances. As an individual player you will be placed by the organization in a team with players who have registered in the same way as you. This way you not only get to know a new sport, but also new people! In addition, the competitions are at the right level for everyone, we divide people and teams accordingly.

Now we give you an example of how the City League will go:
Every evening starts with an opening talk. This is followed by a possible joint warm-up and explanation about Ultimate Frisbee. After the warm-up you will learn the basic frisbee throws, you will get to know the game and you will play a number of matches. Matches last 20 minutes. Each team plays several matches in one evening. Between the matches there is time for a chat, socializing or another activity such as disc golf; this is another game form of frisbee. Of course you can always take a rest. After the matches there is the possibility to have a drink in the canteen, eat something or chat with your (new) friends.

In short, City League is the perfect activity for you to meet new people, have a good time and get to know Ultimate Frisbee in the meantime!
Are you still unsure whether you should participate? Contact us! This can be done via the contact form on the website.

What do i need to participate?
All you need are sneakers (or cleats), sports clothing, and a water bottle.

If you have soccer cleats we advise you to bring these for playing.

We play on a natural grass field.
Closed toe shoes are required.