Devils’ Heaven | Tournament info

Dear frisbee friends,

The powerful viking gods have clashed with the supernatural ancient Egypt.

Odin and Osiris have chosen to decide the fate of their faction at Devils Heaven, indoor tournament hosted by Disc Devils Twente.

The final battle will take place on 23-24 February 2019 in the Diekmanhal in Enschede, NL.

We invite you to support the gods with your ultimate frisbee skills.

Hope to see you there!

Devils Heaven organizing committee

Deadlines, fees and payment
– Teamfee: 140 Euros.
– Players fee: 35 Euros.
– The deadline for team registration is December 16th, 2018.
– Your team registration is only valid if you transfer the amount of 315 Euros to our bank account within two weeks after your registration form has been sent to us, but at the latest on December 16th, 2018. This amount equals the teamfee (140 Euros) and five player fees (5 x 35 Euros).
– Team selection takes place before December 21st, 2018.
– If your team is selected, you have to transfer the player fees for the remaining players before January 20th, 2019. We do not accept cash payment of the remaining player fees during the tournament.
– If your team is not selected, we will refund your 315 Euros deposit immediately.
– If your team is selected to join the tournament, please be aware that you have to pay an administration fee if you withdraw your team after December 16th, 2018. If you want to withdraw your team after the date of January 20th, 2019, we cannot give you a refund. Please take a look in the FAQ for more info on this topic.