First competition day
Indoor adults
10 november 2019

Indoor Competition Adults 2019 – 2020

First day – Sunday November 10

Team : Elisa, Hinderik, Jesse, Enno, Rino, Matthias, Jennique, Stephanie

This first day of the indoor season a DDT crowd accompanied by its stunning supporter Sem, went to Arnhem to defend our green devilly colour in the 2nd division.

After a not-so-early-start we arrived in the hall where games were already going on. A quick warm up and we were sort of ready for our first game against Vertigo. We knew they were already warm because it was their second game. We needed to get straight into the game otherwise we’d be punished.

So we did (get straight into the game! ). We had a good offence flow and some sharp D’s that assured us a win. The second game was against Airborn 2: composed of older players with  experience and younger ones with vivacity and rapidity. We traded points until 7-7, then started to sink and watch them play. They won. Well done Airborn!

A bit of frustration and discussion later we warmed up for the game against Swamp Dragon. We didn’t let this one slip! Our zone defence bothered them, which helped us keep our quick lead until the end. The fourth game was against BFrisBee2’s. The game went well. We ended this first indoor competition day with three victories and one loss. We are happy!