Second competition day
Indoor adults
8 december 2019

Indoor Competition Adults 2019 – 2020

Second day – December 8

Team: Elisa, Jesse, Enno, Rino, Matthias, Jennique, Sjoerd, Stephanie

The second day of the indoor competition was held in Leek (Groningen) started with a grey and rainy morning. An excellent day for indoor frisbee!

This day had already been the topic of discussion in the group chat for a week. Reason for this was that our first game had disappeared from the schedule, as our first scheduled opponents had withdrawn from this second competition day. Instead of starting at 10:45 we ended up starting at 12:40, which on paper is better: no need to wake up at 7 h (which somehow feels even tougher on a Sunday). But it also meant we’d have a two hour trip (single way) for only two games (1h of frisbee). The question rose, is it worth it? The team was divided on that one. Other attending teams coped with the same question. Therefore, motivated players arranged an additional pick-up game for the end, and things were solved!

So, that Sunday,  a late morning departure of the team in two cars. After arriving in the hall, time to warm up for our first game against Force Electro 2. They  were young, without much experience but fit and some of them quite tall! We were leading the score until 5-5, when they started to take off. A number of overheads flew. Our defence did not seem to hamper them. I don’t know exactly what happened, but we have the video of the game we will analyse shortly (with popcorn!).

The second game was against R’damnit. This one, this one… Let’s say the two teams were quite alike in terms of age. We started a bit laid back, which was surprising after the type of warming up we had done (little game where only hammer / knife / scoober were allowed)!  We started at 2-0. We ended up at 9-10.. I suppose we didn’t manage to fill the gap..

To finish the day we had a pick-up game against a team composed of some airborn and gronical dizziness players. It was fun! Thank you for this last game! We ended up going home tired! 😉